GlobalBet AAMS approval

Global Bet, the makers of the next generation Virtual Sports Betting Solution announce that AAMS (the Italian gaming authority) has approved their Virtual Sports platform for operation in the “.it” environment.

Rome, 3.2.2014
Global Bet has teamed up with Microgame, Italy´s largest remote gaming provider, to debut in the regulated Italian gaming market. The launch will follow soon and allow more than 200 companies operating“.it“ websites to take their share in the virtual sports business, all in full compliance with Italian laws and regulations. „The approval and certification is a milestone for Global Bet in our goal to become the global premium supplier for Virtual Sports. It’s a piece of luck that the approval coincides with the ICE totally gaming show where we are showcasing our new multi-platform solution and introducing a bunch of new virtual sports such as Tennis, Basketball and more“. So Daniel Grabher, Managing Director of Global Bet. He added also: “The GlobalBet Virtual Sports platform is designed and available for all channels: land based, online or mobile. It’s modular and flexible design allows quick response to regulatory requirements and easy integration into different backends. The technologies we are using allow the development and adding of new sports events and games within the shortest time possible. Microgame is a leading pioneer in Italy’s online gaming industry and operates a perfect platform to introduce our virtual sports products to the Italian gaming community. We are quite confident that other established providers in Italy (and outside Italy) will now also get encouraged and consider GlobalBet Virtual Sports to broaden their offering and give customers and players additional fresh choice.”

About GlobalBet Virtual Sports:
Global Bet is a cutting edge Virtual Sports Betting Solutions Provider combining leading technologies and stunning content. Professionals from around the globe with years of expertise and knowledge from across the industry teamed up to provide the most realistic and reliable virtual sports betting solution to the industry.
The product line covers Virtual Sports services tailored to all kind of gaming operators: lotteries, landbased casinos and betting companies of any size can now take advantage to enhance their gaming offer and deliver a new 24/7 entertainment experience.