SpinWin Deluxe
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GlobalBet Spin & Win is a simple number game based on the roulette principle.


Spin&Win is a game of chance where a ball is dropped onto a revolving wheel with different number compartments within the wheel. The player can choose out of a total of 36 numbers where a ball will land and stop. The player can bet on various betting options by choosing simple numbers, red or black colours, even/odd numbers, or dozens. Each round is an independent cycle and does not influence the outcome of the next one.

Spin&Win Deluxe is an extended version of a simple Spin&Win game with a greater choice of betting types, including betting on different sectors, mirror, and twin numbers. A broader amount of bet types allows you to bet on different combinations and selections that increase your chances to win.
This number game has a roulette concept, and its eye-catching design makes it so exciting for players worldwide.

GlobalBet SpinWin and Spinwin Deluxe