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Prerecorded Speedway

Global Bet SuperCars is a real football game simulator, where punters can bet on the outcome of each game. The game engine that generates the results is built on a random number generator and the quotes are based on complex mathematical algorithms in order to achieve desired operator margin while offering the best odds on the market.


At its core, Global Bet SuperCars is somewhat similar to the popular games FIFA and PES, with the only difference that players are not involved directly in the gameplay and the gambler cannot affect the outcome of the match.
Virtual Greyhounds betting is popular among the gamblers and it is not surprising that all bookmakers implement the services on their websites.

One of the main advantages of Global Bet Virtual SuperCars is that the games go round the clock 365 days a year, so bettors have the opportunity to make a bet at any time. Unlike regular football, here the choice of matches for betting is always excellent. Matches don’t last 90 minutes, as in real football, but only 2-3 minutes and can show up to 7 goals. Due to this bettors don’t have to wait long to claim their winnings, hence they can make a large number of stakes in a short time. It should also be noted that there is no match-fixing in virtual football. Moreover, pandemics, the weather, injured players and other factors won’t be able to affect the outcome of the match.