Virtual Basketball
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Virtual Basketball PRO

GlobalBet Virtual Basketball is like virtual NBA, where the biggest stars in the sport come together online for virtual basketball betting! Virtual Basketball League includes seasons with 30 events and 16 teams, a combination of which can be played 24/7.


Virtual Basketball is the most realistic computer-generated virtual basketball game on the market, and it simulates a real-life sports match. The game consists of seasons where players can bet on the upcoming 5 events (weeks) and 8 games per event. The season-long bets can be placed on virtual basketball, allowing basketball enthusiasts to place combination bets to increase risk and odds.

The game engine that generates the results is built on a random number generator. The quotes are based on complex mathematical algorithms to achieve the desired operator margin while offering the best odds on the market.
Virtual Basketball has ultra-realistic HD graphics and animations created using the latest motion capture technology and our state-of-the-art gaming engine. High-class graphics, live commentary, diverse camera angles and authentic atmosphere make this game so attractive and popular.

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