Football League
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Virtual Football League

GlobalBet Football League is a real football game simulator, where teams from different leagues play in Home and Away positions.
The games include Spain League (Liga), Italy League (Serie A), England League (ELP), and the National League


Football League is a typical football game where 20 teams from one league play against each other to win. One event includes 10 matches, and one match lasts only 2-3 minutes and can contain up to 7 goals. Thus, those who bet do not have to wait long to claim their winnings, meaning that they can make multiple stakes in a short time.

Moreover, GlobalBet offers a speed version known as Turbo Football, where the results come in 30 seconds and increases the chances of winning even more.
The game engine that generates the results is built on a random number generator. The quotes are based on complex mathematical algorithms to achieve desired operator margin while offering the best odds on the market.
GlobalBet developers use complicated mathematical algorithms and unique animated tools to create impressive and modern graphics that bring the real-life feeling. For instance, state-of-the-art and 3D graphics are implemented into games that recreate a real immersive experience as if you would visit an actual football match in your town. Moreover, our team works with motion capture technology that records real athletes' movements and objects and brings animated pictures closer to the real ones.

GlobalBet Virtual Football