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Instant Results

Virtual sports matches are significantly condensed versions of an actual sporting event. Thus, they are completed within minutes, providing near-instant results and payouts.

True Omni-Channel Experience

Our Virtual Sports products are designed to deliver the ultimate omni-channel experience across all platforms, channels and devices through a single account and wallet.

Customised & Branded

Each game is tailored to customer and market needs, while also capturing the exciting gameplay that has made Virtual Sports grow to become an important product for lotteries and operators around the world.


Fast Money

Players wager on digital sporting events that unfold in front of them in a matter of minutes. The contests mimic the rules of gameplay of that particular sport, but they do not utilize actual team or player names.

Growing Demand

If a few years ago it was just another niche for creating experimental products, nowadays this is characterized by high demand and intense competition. In fact, virtual sports are in fifth place in popularity among all types of gambling.

Real world experience

State-of-the-art 3D graphics and sounds, dynamic events as well as the logical behavior of virtual athletes is the main reason players constantly choose our products.

About us

Global Bet is the biggest independent provider for virtual sports, with an in-house team of renowned expert developers and award winning 3d artists. With customers on all continents, Global Bet provides a fully customised Virtual Sports portfolio of more than 15 sports and number games.

Global Bet offers a broad portfolio of games, including everything from Football and Tennis to Basketball, Horse and Greyhound races. Advanced 3D visualisation and a complex AI allow stunning effects that keep your players glued to the screen on your website, in your retail channels or on mobile devices. Our system is designed for easy integration and administration, with various customisation options and live commentaries available. Global Bet's Virtual Sports platform is the most advanced product of its kind in the world.


Virtual Sports

Global Bet offers the most realistic, reliable, and comprehensive Virtual Sports betting solutions to the gaming industry. We are dedicated to the Virtual Sports industry. Global Bet has been a pioneer in the industry since 2004, and we have deep experience in land-based retail markets and online.
Unlike several competitors who provide pre-recorded footage live events in their portfolio, we ONLY provide true, virtual sports products that utilize the highest visual standards, are highly customisable, and created by our employees.

Why Global Bet



Being flexible and eager to adapt is critical. This has allowed us to explore new technologies and techniques that wouldn’t have been feasible just a few years ago.



Our multi cultural development team specializes in custom development for the web as well as mobile applications.



Our knack for virtual games, among other remarkable software solutions, attests to our capacity to imagine possibilities and make them real.



We develop software and apps with future in mind. All of our software solutions are mobile friendly, mobile optimized and have a responsive design.



We believe a company is truly only as great as the people who embody it. We value these people, as they work with passion and initiative to make great things happen.



We think and act in our common long-term interests to produce effective results in securing solid growth and internal cohesion.

Our Customers

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Systems Admin (EU residents only)



Leading international company in the field of gaming and Virtual Sports Betting is looking for a talented Systems Administrator to join our award-winning global team.

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Java Developer (EU residents only)



Leading international company in the field of gaming and Virtual Sports Betting is looking for a talented Java Developer to join our award-winning global team.

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Graphic Designer (EU residents only)



Leading international company in the field of gaming and Virtual Sports Betting is looking for a talented Graphic Designer to join our award-winning global team.

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